Lirik Lagu Smile oleh: B1A4

English Lyrics

I can't take it out of my pocket
It's not that expensive so I can't give it to you
If only it was a bit better
I should've saved up more so I could buy a better one

But because it seems like it'll be too late if it's not now
I firmly shut my eyes, mustered up courage and took it out
My hesitating heart, my hidden gift

uh uh uh ah - more than this ring
uh uh uh ah - the love inside of you
Is much more valuable and dazzling

* Why do you keep crying - people are staring
People might think I'm a bad guy
Lift up your head, listen to what I'm saying
When it's good, when you're happy, you shouldn't cry
Smile like me, everyone is looking

You pull my arm as you say
"Where did you get the money to buy this?"
What's the big deal that you're getting so worked up?

uh uh uh ah - I'm more thankful
uh uh uh ah - for you always being by my side
I always feel secure like this

* repeat

More than what I have already done for you
There's still so much more that I haven't
Will you trust me? I'll make you happy

* repeat
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