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white lion
Lirik Lagu White lion - All The Fallen Men Lyrics

The fire is burning
The heroes are dead
Their ashes been spread out
All the prayers been said

They fought for their country
And they died for their king
Without ever asking
For one little thing
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Pre Chorus:
The power and glory have risen again
The king is here on his throne
The power and glory was all that remained
Now it's over now it's over
* kordliriklagu.blogspot.com
Cry it out in the night
For all the fallen men
Shout it out loud and clear
For all the fallen men

The flowers they had died out
Where the battle took place
It's all been deserted
A place for the dead

If you listen to the wind
You can hear them cry
The sound of soldiers screaming in the night

Repeat Chorus