Woe Is Me - Vengeance LyricsWoe Is Me - Vengeance Lyrics

We will live forever:

And if I were you I’d fear me more than death himself, because when I am through with all I’ll do you’ll wish to burn in motherfucking hell
So let us open the gates of hell for the likes of you
May God rest your soul when we are through

This is our vengeance
Orphan of broken dreams:
Your word isn’t what it seems
You’re jealous and weak:
Stay humble and meek
And one day you might succeed

Maybe one day I’ll probably make more of an impact than you’ll ever fake and I’ll take what is rightfully mine
You ran away so I’m calling the shots this time
I’ll take their hopes I’ll take their dreams I’ll take everything that would ever mean a single hint of trust from them you never cared so I will always win

For every kid that you hear screaming loud and clear:
You left them in fear

Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I ripped the tongue from his mouth and left him gasping for breath
I told you that you’ll reap what you sow:
But you wanted fame
So fuck your ego

How could you think this would go down so easy??
Your words are misleading blinded by the glare of the spotlight now your fiending
How could you think this would go down so easy?

Well you can huff and you can puff and try and blow my house down
But I take comfort in the fact that I have stolen your crown
Go ahead with the childish games you play and at the end of the day we’ve got the final say
I bet you never saw this coming
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The tensions rise in your mind and you think back to realizing everything that you left behind
The mask that you wear is just an illusion we’ve picked up our cross we’ve found a solution
You’ve lost your flames in the darkest of night your ambitions are falling out of sight
Selfishness owns you I hope you can see
The family you loved is now the enemy

We will live forever